Social media is no longer just an optional add-on for businesses: It's a requirement for staying competitive. We deliver on the full potential of social media through community building, content development, influencer outreach, social listening, paid social and more.

Today's customers are hyper connected to their devices and networks, using them to not only socialize but also receive the recommendations and information they need to make purchases.

Some of our happy clients include Cadbury Kenya, Zuku among many others.


We design and develop a variety of mobile and web pages for various campaigns for our clients. This design includes creation of landing pages which are used to attract and capture lead information to be used for our strategic marketing campaigns.

The web pages designed usually have strategic lead capture mechanisms which are used to obtain interested and potential clients of a product and nature them until they become happy loyal clients.

Other web-work done includes redesign of pages of a website in order to increase awareness of specific product(s) to capture interested users and nature them until they get to experience the product.


We provide a wide range of Below The Line marketing services which we have perfected over the years. We make sure we provide a unique experience to the users whenever they engage with our products leaving them wanting more.

Some of our service include: gaming, interactive walls and floors, photobooth, green screen, bluetooth marketing on-screen product interaction among others. Technologies used in delivering these services are state of the art which ensures the users have a one of a kind experience.

Our BTL mechanics also have a strategy for lead capture which ensures that not only do the users have a unique experience interacting with the product, they can get to know more about it and the product provider has a way of communicating new exciting products to them.


We design and develop a wide range of art works for our clients which are used in different campaigns. Art work made are used for landing pages, at BTL events, on online capture form and ads. The designs are a capturing mechanic that is used to showcase products and serve a purposed of providing information on products without use of so many words

For our ads, designs are made in various dimensions to suite various ad spaces available. This ensures that the campaign run is fully effective and captures a majority of the targeted audience. Some of our happy clients include NIC, UAP, Cadbury, Silverstone tyres among many more.