First Day


Remember when you first stepped into high school? Or onto your campus at college? What about your first day at work?

Was the first thing that loaded in your memory what you felt?

I am positive (I can bet my money even) if I were to ask you the question, ‘how was your first day at…’ (Fill in the gap with anything you want), the response I would get, is about how you felt.



Emotions have a huge effect on how you act and fit into new environments.  Especially how you feel on your first day of work-sitting at your new desk, working in a new environment, so much  learning and catching up to do, so many acquaintances to make, nailing your first assignment, making it through probation successfully, Oh my! The list is endless! Emotions have a big impact on your potential.

But, some may be thinking, ‘how can I control how I feel? I can’t help it.

That’s bollocks!

What you need to realize is that your emotional system can give you an advantage in making decisions, if you use it properly.

So keep those annoying little things (nerves) at bay, by doing these things on your first day of anything:


  • Eat-have a proper breakfast before heading out. The ‘ hungry man is an angry man’ mantra is no joke
  • Remember the qualities that got you the job in the first place. And no, it’s probably not that envious academic background. Use your confidence, attitude, organization skills
  • Make it your business to introduce yourself to your new colleagues- join in on coffee breaks. This is where you will learn the unwritten rules of the office. The team will accept you easier and faster.
  • Stop shuffling your feet and ASK! ASK! ASK! It is the only way you will get to know how things work around you and not look like a clueless newbie.

Many people think of their emotions as something they have to manage and control, rather than something they can use. Evolution has given you an internal system that stores of a huge amount of data about any situation. This is something to work with rather than view as tiresome. Just like the thumb on your hand, emotions have evolved to help you, even though they might seem to get in the way sometimes.

So, use your nervous feeling to shoot to success alright?!


*cool beans*

Written by- Stellamaris Thuku, Content Manager aka the Newbie



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