DBTL (Digital Below The Line)

Digital Below The Line

Also referred to as digital experiential marketing.
These are not new terms. They are known to a relative number of people, especially in the marketing sector.

Bean Interactive, launched its first digital experience in 2009, Mobile Proximity Marketing using Bluetooth Technology. We have since set standards in utilizing interactive technology to leave lasting impressions at events we attend.

Every year we strive to showcase a new merger between technology and traditional mannerism during activations. For instance, at an event instead of having the normal photo plastered on tape, we created a system whereby you take a picture, and we can send it to you in a matter of seconds. The system (Immersion Photography) is internet enabled, and photos are shared on email, text as well as social media channels.


These avenues provide the client with more marketing platforms; like on email, the body can contain promotional information. Social media channels flourish through page likes and shares of content.IP

We also learned that client’s social media platforms amplify by engaging consumers who are on the ground at events and those who are not able to attend. We call it Message to Screen; which is a pillar for customers to share stories with photos about their interactions with the brand. The posts appear on a big screen that is at a strategic point where everyone can see. The allure of seeing your text appear on screen once you post it motivates the consumer to keep posting.

tweet wall


The mechanism works well with Twitter using a specified hashtag. We learned that with 90% of all activations, the hashtag of the day becomes the top trend of the day on Twitter.

Other experiences we came up with are Interactive Surfaces, which involves altering the look of surfaces like walls and floors using body motion.

Projection Mapping is another experience we offer that entails displaying brand stories using images and videos on buildings and event locations.


We also create customized t-shirts using cool brand designs and put the customer’s name on it. Takes 2 minutes for this unique experience and keeps the client as the top of mind with the consumers.


Look out for part 2 as we delve into Gamification!

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