What You Didn’t Know About Work

This is how most of my weekday morning’s start;

Monday– “What? How fast did we get here? But anyway…”

Tuesday — “Work flow!”

Wednesday — “Got to remind myself why I’m doing all this.”

Thursday — “Now we’re getting somewhere!”

Friday — “New me, who dis?”

Before we get into it, I’d like to share a different perspective with you. When you look at life as a whole, there are ups and downs, good and evil, happy and sad etc. The only constant is you. All other things happen, they may disrupt the peace somehow but they balance out on their own. Shit pops off when we get addicted to one feeling/phase and demand each and every experience in life to give us that feeling. Work, family, leisure and love all have different contributions to your life, none on its own can give you everything you want. You have to balance everything out to get that perfect mix.

That being said, here are 3 great keys to unlocking fulfilment at work. (Please scrap the phrase “Happy at work” I’ll explain why)

Know yourself.

You may ask, ‘How the hell does this have to do with my 9–5?’ Well, it has EVERYTHING to do with it. Being self-aware will boost how you deal with situations, colleagues and pressure more than anything else. Staying true to yourself will especially help you;

Attract your tribe (people who are like minded and have similar value systems)

Subtly let people know what you’re about. People rarely mess with assertive folks, and if they do and there are consequences, they had it coming.

Handle issues your own way, which will improve your relationship with your workmates. No one likes sheep, with the lions is where people are at.

Wrapping this up; genuine trumps cool ANY DAY! Cool people get the most attention, but, genuine people get the most progression.

Work is work, not life

Work, ideally, is supposed to fulfill you, give you purpose and meaning in life. This doesn’t necessarily bring about happiness, but contentment and satisfaction. If it does, cheers to that! Here are a few tips to a content work life;

Don’t sweat stuff, instead, put in effort to get better results.

Talking about work issues doesn’t work. Doing something about it turns an issue into an achievement.

Work friends are just that. Don’t expect them to match up to your lifelong friends or family.

Do not do the most. Do what you can.

Get a life

You’ve got to work on yourself harder than you work for your employer. Yes. That way, you bring more value into the organization. My CEO (Martin Kiarie), once said, “What sets apart the good from the great, is what they do during their personal time.”

You are ALL you’ve got. Work on you, build you and appreciate you. Only then will you be able to do great work for others, build a company and appreciate your work place.

Again, hustling is no fairy tale. This is the battle of the fittest, and, the best way to enjoy the fight is to master the art of work.

By Clara Rincuni,

Content Manager at Bean Interactive Ltd.